About Us

In the world of cutting edge technology we spend more on our gadgets rather than the wardrobe and considering the hike in inflation and rising prices around the globe of leather jackets and every other product, We focus on quantity with least cost and often get something of cheap quality or something we dont deserve.The only focus people have in the world was to earn money and as much possible without even considering what we were loosing in the process.The revolutionization around the globe was with only one goal to earn as much money as possible, In the era of technology its pretty difficult to get a affordable and authentic bona fide jacket. We dont find veritable and undisputed stores where you can find a jacket of your size but manufactured by machines and assembled in bulk quanitity.

This is where Namna Leather came as a online store where you can trust with your fashion choice and always get pleased and satisfied. Namna Leather is a project to serve and satisfy the customers, We cut down the middleman here and benefit the saving to pass it to customers. We are obsessed with quality leather at Namna and produce hand stitched quality jackets designed for comfort and dapper look.Namna wants to serve people with signature and vintage style jackets which are in fashion in affordable prices with multiple designs and adequate fitting. We beleive to deliver quality products directly to the customers and avoid any middle contact to benefit the customers and they get what the deserved.

Our mission is to serve the community and not run for money, 10% of our earning go through charity for the community that help us creating leather products since they are not well blessed. The percentage is a bit low since we are not at full throttle but we aim to serve them and people worldwide because they deserve our hand crafted pure distressed leather which permits them to be in fashion in affordable price range and jackets can be handpicked frm various options available according to their sizes and safe delivery. Namna Leather is the name of trust for everyone around the globe because we eliminate all factors disrupting your fashion and offer you epitome of comfort and style in affordable range.